Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference

Yesterday, members of your Wolverhampton Liberal Democrats team (Consisting of Sarah Quarmby, Ian Jenkins, Robert Quarmby, and Paul Broom) attended The Liberal Democrat Autumn conference and AGM. We got to hear from some very important speakers, such as: Leader Tim Farron, Baroness Sal Brinton, Lord Chris Fox, and Baroness Lorely Burt. We also voted on […]


Tories forced to change plans on Tax credits!

A small but important victory tonight, Government are forced to re think plans on Tax Credits cuts. While the cuts have unfortunately not been scrapped all together, they have been delayed. The Tories are forced to put something in place before the rise in the national wage. So big thank you to our Liberal Democrats, for drawing attention to the unjustified cuts to Tax Credits, that would see some of Britons hardest working families hit with cuts making the average family £1,000 worse off.

The following email is from Liberal leader Tim Farron

The House of Lords are currently debating the Government’s controversial plans to cut tax credits.

They’ll be deciding to do one of three things: refuse the cuts outright (our proposal), slow the cuts for a few years (Labour’s proposal), or simply criticise them (a crossbench proposal).

Only our proposal will force the Government to rethink its approach to tax credits. While it would be a start, slowing the cuts, like Labour wants to do, wouldn’t help the thousands of people who receive tax credits for the first time next year. And criticising them, well, you know what good that will do.

These cuts will make hundreds of working people in your area around £1,000 worse off – without any warning. It will push children into poverty and make it harder for low-income families to pay rent, put food on the table, and afford heating.

If these changes to tax credits come into effect next year it will be a disaster for millions of working families across Britain. We simply cannot stand by and let that happen.

Lib Dems, have they saved us all?

Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, has taken the extraordinary step of lifting the lid on Tory plans for an £8bn plan to cut welfare, including slashing child benefits and child tax credits.

If you missed it….

Local Elections 2016

2016 will be an exciting time as the local elections will be taking place. Soon we will unveil who will be running for councillors, and in what areas of Wolverhampton. We will provide you with an informed background for each of our potential councillors and what they have to offer you. When we have posted […]


EU Referendum Campaign: A ‘No’ divided will not stand

Read the latest from the Liberal Democrat European Group Full Article Here

New Litter picking society

Would you like to see a cleaner Wolverhampton? Everywhere you go there seems to be a collection of rubbish on our streets, and if the council won’t do anything about it, we the people, will need to take matters into our own hands. Due to cuts in the Wolverhampton City Council, there is little money […]

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“Shame on you!” – Viewers watch tearful mother tell her side to the Tax Credits cuts, on last nights Question Time

A mother appeared on last nights Question Time, and told her side to the tax credits cut and how they will affect her and her children. Michelle Dorrell, 35, confronted Amber Rudd, the Energy Secretary, on Question Time. The Tory voter praised new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, on his views of the cruel cuts to […]

Local issues are important to local people.

For the Wolverhampton Liberal Democrats, we find it important that we are up to date with local issues. Some issues go unnoticed, as many will believe their voice will not be heard. Our next local meeting will be held on November 4th 2015. If you have anything you feel could be forwarded to our agenda, please email […]

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